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Boost your AngularJS performance with ng-steroids and get ready to migrate to Angular 2+ -   If you are here, you are probably as excited as us about Angular 2+ and it’s performance boost with new feature like Ahead of Time compile, OnPush and Lazy Loading… … but you still have this legacy AngularJS code that you love (or hate) so much and you have to migrate to Angular 2+. We talked a […]
AngularJS 1.x vs Angular 2+ – Should I Stay or Should I Go - TL;DR : “If I go there will be trouble and If I stay it will be double.” Hello dear Angular developers, I’ll let you know, For those of you who don’t live in a cave or work in a company where is blocked by the firewall, you are probably aware that Angular 2 is already […]
Cross Browser Testing & Test Automation with Protractor and Browserstack - Cross-Browser Testing, what’s that for? Did you just come up with this new brilliant web app idea and you are now wondering how to make sure it works on all devices? or do you already have an up & running web app but your users are tired of reporting new browser-specific issues everyday? In both […]
Angular 1.x Performance, ng-repeat Performance and Optional one time binding - Dear Angular users or those who are wondering if they should use Angular. Well, for those who are hesitating, there’s no way to hesitate anymore. If you follow the rules below, you’ll have no issues related to AngularJS performance. In addition to this, compared to other alternatives, AngularJS has a huge ecosystem, you’ll find lots […]
The Anti-Startup Experience - Behind Wishtack features described in our previous post, resides our philosophy. Unlike most young companies around the web world, we are not a startup. We are fighting for freedom, our freedom and your freedom as users. We have no investors and are 100% bootstrapped, making this adventure grow thanks to you. We want Wishtack to […]
What is Wishtack ? -   Wishtack is a universal social shopping & gifting service born in 2013 between Nice & Strasbourg in France. The main objective is to create a user friendly and social way to find relevant gift ideas for any kind of event and to manage gift wishlists and baby shower, christmas, honeymoon and wedding registries. Wishtack […]
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