What is Wishtack ?



Wishtack is a universal social shopping & gifting service born in 2013 between Nice & Strasbourg in France.

The main objective is to create a user friendly and social way to find relevant gift ideas for any kind of event and to manage gift wishlists and baby shower, christmas, honeymoon and wedding registries.

Wishtack is universal, as we want you, our dear users, to find gifts ideas or create wishlists from any shop around the world in as few clicks as possible.

Wishtack is social because we can connect your friends who don’t even know each other so they can surprise you together by offering different gifts or contribute to one expensive gift.

Wishtack is easy. You can find original and trendy gift ideas by selecting recipient’s interests in just one click. Same for adding and sharing a wish. All that in one click on one page.

No forms and no multi-step boring process.

Wishtack is made in the cloud by an agile web development team using leading edge technology like angular, django framework, heroku & mongo and we are willing to share our experience with all these great tools.

See you soon on wishtack.com.

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